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Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Minutes of Garstang And New Koforidua Linking Association (GANKLA) AGM 2nd April 2009 

1. Present : 10 attended. Bruce Crowther, Tom Bamber, Robin Graham, Will Nightingale, Richard Watts, Chris Barlow, David Marle, Anne Charnley, Sue Ritchie and a welcome to our newest member Ian Pye who is a dairy farmer at Old Holly Farm.
Apologies: 11 accepted. Graham & Belinda Hulme, Avis Jones, Mike Hall, Geoff Markland, Fiona Kinder, Angela Kershaw, Alex Briault, Bill Hewitt, Mark Leather & Nicole Eaves.

2. Election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Bruce Crowther – Chair
Richard Watts – Secretary
Will Nightingale - Treasurer

3. Payment of subscriptions:
2009/10 GANKLA membership is as follows:

Organisations (£20 annual subscription)

1. Fairtrade Town Steering Group
2. Garstang Oxfam Group - Graham Hulme
3. Garstang District Partnership - Angela Kershaw (mention @ meeting on 16th April)
4. Garstang Community Primary School - Diana Cornthwaite
5. St.Thomas's CE Primary School - David Marle
6. SS Mary & Michael Primary School - Anne Charnley
7. Myerscough College - Richard Watts
8. Mustard Seed and Methodist Church - Will Nightingale
9. Garstang High School - Geoff Markland
10. Chamber of Trade – Sue Ritchie
11. Garstang Quaker Meeting – Bill Hewitt
12. Garstang Rural District Guides - Susan Newsham
13. Garstang Castle Scouts - Liz Porter (contact still to be made)
14. Garstang Running Club – Mike Hall (mention @ meeting on 7th April)
15. Garstang Travel – Nicole Eaves
16. Coffee Pot – Avis
17. Edge Hill University – Mark Leather
18. St. Wilfrid’s CE Primary School, Ribchester – Fiona Kinder

Individuals (£5 annual subscription)

1. Bruce Crowther (Chair)
2. Richard Watts (Secretary)
3. Will Nightingale (Treasurer)
4. Chris Barlow
5. Alex Briault
6. Ian Pye

Honouree Members

1. Ben Crowther
2. Gwyneth Bough
3. Nuruddin Boateng
4. Tom Bamber
5. Grant Newlands
6. Robin Graham
7. Peter Lane
8. Gillian Lamb
9. Richard Mounfield
10. Kaley Green
11. James Settle

Could all remaining subscriptions please be paid ASAP

4. Treasurers Report (Accounts as of 1/4/09 attached)
£1,767.29 is still owed for the Community House and it was agreed to make this up to £1,800 and pay the additional £30 transfer fee.
It was also agreed to raise the subscriptions to £30 for organisations and £10 for individuals but this will not come into force until April 2010.

5. Addition of any signatures to the Partnership Agreement and continued signing of the ceremonial book

Missing signatures on original Partnership Agreement:

1. Grant Newlands
2. Samantha Newsham

Missing signatures on 2008 Addendum

1. Mike Hall
2. Mark Leather
3. Belinda Hulme

New members for 2009/10 are as follows:

1. St. Wilfrid’s CE Primary School, Ribchester
2. Ian Pye

It was agreed that additional members would no longer be asked to sign the Partnership Agreement or an Addendum but would just be recorded in the Minutes of the AGM. The Ceremonial Book however, would still be offered for all members to sign. Further signatures were added to the Ceremonial Book at the end of this AGM. Please see Bruce to arrange signing if you or your organisation has not already done so.

6. Review of projects – The Chair gave a summary of the projects now ongoing and the time scales agreed to as follows:

1. Communication & satellite dish
We propose that by the end of the 2008/09 school year all 4 schools in Garstang will hold at least 1 video conference with schools in New Koforidua every academic year. Section on website.

2. Exchange visits
We propose to hold an exchange (involving at least 1 person travelling each way) every two years.

3. Joint campaigning activities
We propose to hold a least one joint campaigning event each year.

4. Traffic deaths in NK
If still a problem we propose to have an action plan in place by the end of 2009 with the problem resolved by the end of 2010 at the very latest.

5. Community House
Complete by June 2008.

6. Fair trading relationship between the two communities
We propose that by April 2009 a ‘fairly traded’ relationship will be in place for cotton bags to be sold in Garstang.

7. To establish small scale industries in New Koforidua for the extraction of orange/pineapple juice and/or the processing of cassava and black pepper.
NKGaLA will explore this further and have a wish to involve the link if at all possible. GANKLA will offer any advice and technological support that is available and appropriate until possible funding is available.

8. Annual survey in New Koforidua and Garstang
First survey in Garstang and New Koforidua in the summer of 2008 and repeat every two years following the exchange visit. Parents from the school’s pupils can be surveyed as well as the general public and we propose the first school survey is done in Garstang in July 2008.

9. Projects between the schools in both communities
See (1) and (8) above. Working with Trading Visions to conduct lessons about "how to make chocolate drink from cocoa and the history of chocolate" that can be delivered to children in both communities via our video conferencing system. Chris Barlow has developed a teaching resource pack about New Koforidua that can be used by schools and the children from all three Garstang Primary Schools designed and made posters that will be displayed in the Community House.

10. To develop and implement landscape projects for New Koforidua.
Planned to have the project completed by the end of 2010. New Koforidua will set up a children’s ‘Womble Club’ for under 16 year olds to help collect litter and discourage children and adults in New Koforidua from persistent littering. They have recently formed a young persons club (for ages 16 - 30) and will reform a women’s club that will also work to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the village. It is hoped that some or all of these groups may be replicated in Garstang.

11. To set up joint community activities between the two communities e.g. football matches
New Koforidua FC pledged to use Fairtrade footballs. Mike’s Sports World in Garstang will donate five Fairtrade footballs. Edge Hill University plan to send Physiotherapy students to New Koforidua to work with the football club in June/July 2009.

Added at 2008 Addendum

1. On-line university campus at New Koforidua
2. Fair Trade Triangle
3. New Koforidua, Africa’s first ‘Fairtrade Town’.

Members then gave an update on the projects they are involved in with future ideas.

David Marle (St. Thomas’s CE Primary School)
The school has raised £110 for the maintenance of the Satellite dish in NK.Trading Visions turned off this satellite in December due to major changes with the supplier. They are not removing the satellite equipment yet however, as it is still feasible they might find a way to connect it up again by the autumn and they would like to facilitate some video conferencing events between Garstang and New Koforidua schools when that happens. It was decided to put the money raised into the GANKLA account ear marked to cover the costs of an internet connection with NK when reconnected.
The school is keen to take part in a half day (1pm – 5pm) workshop on the link and Fairtrade as suggested by Lyn Cutler from UKOWLA.
Action: Pay £110 to GANKLA Account.

Anne Charnley (SS May & Michael Primary School)
The school has been exploring the Global Schools Partnership Grant which can fund £6,000 towards an exchange visit (2 staff & 2 children) if a school to school cluster was formed. All 4 of Garstang’s schools were registered at the end of February and 6 months must pass with evidence of an active link before any funds are available.
The school will raise funds through clog dancing in the summer term and again this will be paid into the GANKLA account ear marked to cover the costs of an internet connection.
The school is also keen to take part in a half day workshop on the link and Fairtrade and together with David Marle the following dates were proposed: April 21st, 28th, and 30th. None of these dates may be suitable and therefore a later date in June may need to be considered.
Action: Anne will contact the other schools to get feedback re the Global Schools Partnership, the contributions towards the internet connection and possible dates for the workshop. Lyn Cutler will then be informed re the workshop.

Chris Barlow
Been using the teaching resource pack for the last 2 years and more material was added following the visit last summer. Chris is considering conducting research into the impact of the link on the lives and attitudes of school children in both communities. This would be very useful research with regard to evaluating our link and specifically in relation to the Gold Star Community Awards when they are set up in England. Chris is searching for video footage for New Koforidua which is available from Bruce, Robin and Tom. Chris will also explore the possibility of sending reading books for use by the schools in NK.
Action: Investigate the cost of sending a crate of books to NK.

Sue Ritchie (Chamber of Trade)
The Chamber of Trade has agreed to buy 2,500 cotton bags from NK at a cost of £2/bag (including p & p). If the deposit can be paid into the GANKLA account by Monday 6th April then it can be transferred with the funds for the community house thus saving on transfer fees.
Action: Arrange payment of deposit to GANKLA ASAP.

Will Nightingale (Mustard Seed and Methodist Church)
Will and a Methodist Youth worker intend to visit NK some time in 2010.

Robin Graham
Robin has been a huge support for the link since he accompanied the exchange visit in 2004 when he produced an excellent poetry book entitled ‘The New Koforiduan’ which is available to buy from the Discovery Centre or ordered directly from Robin at: robin_graham@hotmail.com He is now working on setting up a charitable organisation in the village of Sogakope in the Volta region of Ghana.

Tom Bamber
Following the visit to NK in June 2008 Tom has produced an excellent book of photographs which is available to order on line at: www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/323806

Richard Watts (Myerscough College)
During the visit last year Richard and the Myerscough students investigated the problem of drainage and soil erosion in NK and built an example of a dam. Richard has developed a plan for drainage channels in NK which has been sent to NKGaLA. Once the Community House is complete the building of a drainage system can be undertaken as the next big project. It is expected that costs for this project will remain low and hopefully can be funded by income generated from the Community House.
Action: To request from NKGaLA an estimate of the costs involved.

Ian Pye
Ian is keen to visit NK possibly as an exchange between himself as a dairy farmer and a cocoa farmer in NK.
Action: To explore the possibility of funding from the NFU and other sources.

Mark Leather (Edge Hill University)
Mark was not present at the meeting but sent in the following email: “Our intention to send 2 students from the Sports Therapy programme remains and is presently awaiting finance approval in respect of two staff and two students return air flights. Our hope is to be able to offer this by September to final year students.”

Additional comments from Bruce Crowther (Chair) not covered above

Communication & satellite dish
A section on the link is now included on the website at: www.garstangfairtrade.org.uk

Exchange visits
Successful visit to NK in June 2008 and a return visit by Samuel in November. Bruce suggested that a school exchange takes place in 2010 around the theme of traditional dancing. This would involve school children from both communities demonstrating their respective traditional dancing in each community. This may also involve a demonstration of dry stone walling in NK by a Wyre Ranger.
Action: Anne to follow up with Barry the clog dancer and Bruce to follow up with the Wyre Rangers. To carbon offset visits it was agreed that an additional payment of £50 would be added to all future flights with the donation going towards the cost of solar panels for the Community House.

Joint campaigning activities
Last year Jocelyn and Stephen from NK joined Garstang children to congratulate stores in Garstang for selling Fairtrade chocolate and to encourage others to do so. In Fairtrade Fortnight this year over 2,000 people from NK, Media USA and Garstang ate bananas together as the first joint campaigning action taken by the newly formed Fair Trade Triangle.

Traffic deaths in NK
Since the building of the new road this no longer seems to be a problem so unless we hear otherwise from NK it will no longer be considered.

Community House
This should be complete by June 2009 at the latest. Following Samuel’s visit to the UK in 2008 Peter Marks, Chief Executive of the Co-op has now shown an interest in visiting NK and opening the house.

Annual survey in New Koforidua and Garstang
A survey was carried out in Garstang last year (results on the website).No surveys have yet been carried out in NK or involving the schools in Garstang.
Action: Bruce to follow up with NKGaLA. Garstang schools to let Bruce know if this will be taken up.

To develop and implement landscape projects for New Koforidua.
Anne suggested that a ‘Womble Club’ (see initial summary on this project above) in Garstang could involve the Scouts and Guides.
Action: Bruce to follow up any progress in NK and to approach Scouts and Guides with this idea.

To set up joint community activities between the two communities e.g. football matches
The Co-op and the Fairtrade cotton company Tarameen have donated and sent 4 sets of Fairtrade football kits (2 home and 2 away) for use by New Koforidua FC. The NKFC logo was designed by Ben Crowther. Football boots have also been collected from the Garstang community (posters around town designed by Anna Crowther and Tom Bamber) and sent over.
Action: Bruce to follow up with Mike’s Sports World re the donation of five Fairtrade footballs.

Fair Trade Triangle
See ‘Joint campaigning activities’ above

New Koforidua, Africa’s first ‘Fairtrade Town’
Samuel gave a Presentation on this at the International Fairtrade Towns Conference in Lyon in January.

7. A.O.B.
1. The group thanked the Crofters Hotel for the free use of the room for the AGM and they were requested by the Chair to leave the room clean and tidy.

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