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Minutes of  Garstang And New Koforidua Linking Association (GANKLA) AGM 3rd April 2008

1. Present: 16 attended. Bruce Crowther, Tom Bamber, Robin Graham, Richard Watts, Avis Jones, Anne Charnley, Steve Lane, Angela Kershaw, Bill Hewitt, Sue Ritchie, Will Nightingale, Alban Thomson, John Akin, Steve Beesley, James and Pierre Ellssel.

Apologies: 9 accepted. Graham Hulme, David Marle, Chris Barlow, John Allen, Mike Hall, Geoff Markland, Susan Newsham, Alex Briault, Liz Porter.

2. Election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Bruce Crowther – Chair
Steve Lane – Secretary
Will Nightingale - Treasurer

3. Payment of subscriptions: 2008/09 GANKLA membership is as follows:

Organisations (£20 annual subscription)
1. Fairtrade Town Steering Group - PAID
2. Garstang Oxfam Group - PAID
3. St.Thomas's Primary School - PAID
4. St. Mary & Michael’s Primary School - PAID
5. Mustard Seed and Methodist Church PAID
6. Garstang Quaker Meeting – PAID
7. Garstang Castle Scouts - PAID
8. Garstang Running Club – PAID
9. Garstang Rural District Guides - PAID
10. Coffee Pot – PAID
11. Garstang District Partnership
12. Garstang Community Primary School
13. Myerscough College
14. Garstang High School
15. Chamber of Trade
16. Jamea Mosque, Preston

Individuals (£5 annual subscription)
1. Bruce Crowther (Chair) PAID
2. Steve Lane (Secretary) PAID
3. Will Nightingale (Treasurer) PAID
4. Alex Briault  PAID
5. Steve Beesley PAID
6. John Akin

Honouree Members
1. Chris Barlow
2. Grant Newlands
3. Robin Graham
4. Ben Crowther
5. Gwyneth Bough
6. Nuruddin Boateng
7. Tom Bamber
8. Gillian Lamb
9. Peter Lane
Could all remaining subscriptions please be paid by Friday 25th April? Please contact Bruce if this is not possible.

4. Treasurers Report (Accounts as of 1/4/08 attached)

Available funds ≥ £526.89

5. Addition of any signatures to the Partnership Agreement and arrange signing of the book

Garstang Football Club have ceased membership for 2008/09
St. Mary & Michael’s Primary School & Garstang Running Club have joined in 2008/09
We have gone from 14 to 15 individual members in 2008/09

Missing signatures on original Partnership Agreement:
1. Grant Newlands
2. Samantha Newsham
3. Chris Barlow

Additional Signatures to be added for 2008/09:
1. SS Mary & Michaels School – Added at this AGM
2. Garstang Running Club – Mike Hall
3. Alex Briault
4. Will Nightingale - Added at this AGM

Signatures started to be added to the Ceremonial Book at the end of this AGM. Please see Bruce to arrange signing if you or your organisation has not already done so.

6. Strategic Plan

Our Partnership Agreement states “We will develop a three-year strategic plan by September 2007 to determine the time scales of some of the projects mentioned above”
This has not been done.
Also states “This agreement comes into force on the day of the signing by both parties.  We see this memorandum as a living document, which shall be reviewed initially after the first year and subsequently every two years”

It was decided to go through each of the 11 Projects listed in our Partnership Agreement and propose strategies and time scales. This will then be discussed with NKGALA during our visit in June and a Strategy document written up following the visit.
Where do we want to be in the next 3 years (by 2011) with the following projects?

1. To set up an IT centre at New Koforidua to enable better communication and eventual video conferencing facilities that can be used for events and by schools.
Video conferencing facilities are now is use. We propose that by the end of the 2008/09 school year all 4 schools in Garstang will hold at least 1 video conference with schools in New Koforidua every academic year.

2. To continue exchange visits between the two communities e.g. the visit of drumming and dancing cultural troupes to Garstang’s Arts Festival.
Starting in June 2008 we propose to hold an exchange (involving at least 1 person travelling each way) every two years.

3. To continue joint campaigning activities against poverty such as the ‘Take the P out of Poverty’ event held in October 2006.
Starting in 2008 we propose to hold a least one joint campaigning event each year.

4. To reduce the traffic deaths on the main Accra – Kumasi highway at New Koforidua e.g. by the building of a footbridge.
With the building of the new dual carriageway in NK this problem may already be resolved. If not however, we see this as an urgent priority which continues to meet frustrating delays. If this is still a problem we propose to have an action plan in place by the end of 2009 with the problem resolved by the end of 2010 at the very latest.

5. To build a community house in New Koforidua to host cultural visits by people from Garstang.
In progress and will be complete by June 2008.

6. To set up a fair trading relationship between the two communities allowing items from New Koforidua e.g. handicrafts, Kente cloths, tie and dye cloths and Batik to be marketed in Garstang.
These are projects that will develop as opportunities arise. At present the Garstang Chamber of Trade is working on a cotton bag project and we propose that by April 2009 a ‘fairly traded’ relationship will be in place for cotton bags to be sold in Garstang. During the June 2008 visit John will explore further business opportunities.

7. To establish small scale industries in New Koforidua for the extraction of orange/pineapple juice and/or the processing of cassava and black pepper.
During our visit in June 2008 we will discuss in what way GANKLA can be of assistance in this matter.

8. To conduct an annual survey in New Koforidua and Garstang to measure and record public attitudes towards the link, fair trade and issues around global poverty.
We propose to hold the first survey in Garstang and New Koforidua in the summer of 2008 and repeat every two years following the exchange visit. Parents from the school’s pupils can be surveyed as well as the general public and we propose the first school survey is done in Garstang in July 2008.

9. To develop projects between the schools in both communities
See (1) and (8) above.

10. To develop and implement landscape projects for New Koforidua.
In progress with Myerscough College and will be complete by June 2008.

11. To set up joint community activities between the two communities e.g. football matches
Will will explore ‘Sport Reach’ and any ideas will be presented to NKGALA in June 2008. We welcome any ideas from the Garstang Running Club.

In order to raise the necessary funds the following events are planned:

1. Mostly Music presents 'Cabus Rocks!' an evening of sublime musical loveliness. A concert on Friday 9th May at Cabus Village Hall. £4 on the door (tickets available) Chris’s rockabilly band ROCKIT 88 and probably a Lancaster rock group called Phonefish. Plus  either Sister Slap and /or Andy and Debs (duo from Lancaster). Alex Hulme will be approached.

2. Diminishing Dinners to be started with a Peruvian Evening on 24th July at the Coffee Pot and finish at Christmas. This has the potential to raise up to £3,000 for each of the organisations GANKLA, Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group and the Garstang Oxfam Group. See Bruce for further details.

7. Community House & IT Link

This is making excellent progress and is on schedule to be complete in time for our visit in June 2008. We are set to reach our fundraising target of £10,000 with £8,500 already been sent to NK. In New Koforidua the RC Church, Pentecost Church, Muslim Mosque, Saviour Church and the Chief and Elders have raised 430 New Ghana Cedis (approx. £200) and the S.D.A. Church, C.A.C. Church, Presbyterian Church and the Methodist Church are yet to donate.
GANKLA members expressed their thanks and agreed to make a donation from group funds of £50.

Trading Visions have asked for between £500 - £1,000/year towards maintenance costs of the satellite dish in New Koforidua. With an approximate income from subscriptions of £300/year this is not something that GANKLA alone can fund. As the schools are presently the main beneficiaries from this facility we propose that they explore meeting these costs. As more and more schools and other community organisations use this facility it should become easier to raise the required funds.

8. Myerscough College Landscape Project

Richard spoke briefly about this project planned to take place in June 2008.

9. June 2008 Exchange

  The following 11 people will visit New Koforidua in June 2008:
1. Bruce Crowther (from 17th – 30th June)
2. Robin Graham (from 17th – 30th June)
3. Tom Bamber (from 17th – 30th June)
4. Richard Watts  (from 17th – 30th June)
5. Richard (from 17th – 30th June)
6. Kaley (from 17th – 30th June)
7. James (from 17th – 30th June)
8. Samuel Fianu (from 17th – 30th June)
9. Steve Beesley (yet to book ticket)
10. Alban Thomson (yet to book ticket)
11. John Akin (yet to book ticket)

The Jamea Mosque in Preston will record a DVD message for us to take over.
We have also learnt that Comic Relief will bring two students (Stephen & Jocelyn) from the JSS School in New Koforidua to visit the UK in June. They will visit Garstang on Friday 13th June. We agreed to fund the visit to Garstang from New Koforidua of their teacher Samuel Ofori at an approximate cost of £600. Samuel will visit sometime between 1st – 16th June but will definitely be in Garstang when the pupils arrive on June 13th. Will offered to host Samuel’s visit with Richard and Alban acting as backups.

The next meeting was arranged for Thursday 22nd May at 7.30pm in the Crown.
This will be for the Community House and for those taking part in the June Exchange but all are welcome.

10. A.O.B.
1. Cabus Rocks Concert at Cabus Village Hall Friday 9th May 8pm – 11pm. Need help selling tickets. Entrance £4. See Chris for tickets or further details.
2. Diminishing Dinners – Thursday 24th July. See Will, Avis or Bruce for further details.
3. Inconvenient Truth Showing at Quaker Meeting House Friday 18th April . Entrance £2. See Bill or Bruce for tickets or further details.
4. Should GANKLA become a registered charity?
This was briefly discussed and the general view was that this should not be taken further at this point but it may be reviewed at a later date.

ACCOUNTS 2007/08

Date INCOME Amount
01/04/2007 2006/07 Balance Carried Forward £88.88
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Mustard Seed/Methodist Church (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Calder Bridge Quaker Meeting (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Guides (ch) £20.00
00/01/1900 Subscription 2007/08 from High School (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Community Primary School £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from St.Thomas's Primary School (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Garstang District Partnership (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Chamber of Trade (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Fairtrade Steering Group (ch) £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Oxfam Group £20.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Robin Graham  £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Will Bough  £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Steve Lane + donation £10.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Grant Newlands + donation £10.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Peter Lane £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Chris Barlow  £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Gillian Lamb £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from John Akin £5.00
08/05/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Andy Greenacre £5.00
11/08/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from the Coffee Pot (ch) £20.00
11/08/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Garstang Scouts (ch) £20.00
11/08/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Preston Muslims £20.00
22/09/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Garstang Football Club £20.00
22/09/2007 Subscription 2007/08 from Myerscough College £20.00
18/10/2007 Sponsorship of ceremonial books by Gail (cash via ch from Bruce) £130.00
22/02/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Mustard Seed/Methodist Church (ch) £20.00
22/02/2008 1st Community House Donations (chs) £550.00
29/02/2008 Barbara Panvel donation to Community House (paid direct to account) £200.00
05/03/2008 2nd Community House Donations (chs) £548.00
14/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Garstang Oxfam Group £20.00
14/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Fairtrade Steering Group £20.00
14/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Bruce £5.00
14/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from St. Mary & Michaels Primary School (ch) £20.00
14/03/2008 3rd Community House Donations (chs) £1,379.15
19/03/2008 Robin Graham donation to Community House (paid direct to account) £200.00
21/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Will Nightingale £5.00
21/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Garstang Quakers (ch) £20.00
21/03/2008 4th Community House Donations £435.00
28/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from St.Thomas's Primary School (ch) £20.00
28/03/2008 Subscription 2008/09 from Garstang Scouts (ch) £20.00
28/03/2008 5th Community House Donations £255.00
TOTAL £4,291.03

11/05/2007 Landline to New Koforidua £90.00
11/05/2007 NK IT maintenance  £60.00
03/07/2007 UKOWLA Membership £35.00
03/07/2007 UKOWLA Toolkit for Linking £20.00
12/10/2007 Gift for Dorothy (ch paid to Bruce) £10.99
17/10/2007 Ceremonial book binding £130.00
27/10/2007 UKOWLA Toolkit for NK £15.00
24/02/2008 1st Community House Payment £500.00
12/03/2008 Returned cheque  £20.00
12/03/2008 Fee for returned cheque  £6.00
21/03/2008 2nd Community House Payment £2,900.00
TOTAL £3,786.99


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