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Garstang Fairtrade Town

Garstang The World's First Fairtrade Town

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Garstang Fairtrade Directory

Responding to the growing demand and support for Fairtrade, Cadburys Dairy Milk, drinking chocolate and four finger  Kit Kat are now Fairtrade and can be found in many shops in Garstang and District that are not included in the list below. Do let store managers know that you’re pleased to find Fairtrade products there and  encourage them to expand the range they offer.


1.    Booths – Park Hill Road. Sells a range of Fairtrade products.
3.    Co-op – High Street. Sells a range of Fairtrade products.

5.    Garstang Health Food Shop - High Street. Sells Fairtrade teas, chocolate, sugar, dried fruits & honey.
6.    Market Place News - High Street. Sells the full range of Divine chocolate, Fairtrade tea, coffee, orange juice.

8.    Houghton’s Petrol Station – A6. Sells Fairtrade orange juice.
9.    Londis – Lancaster Road. Sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, cocoa & chocolate.
10.  Mustard Seed – Park Hill Road. Sells a comprehensive range of Fairtrade products.
11.  Sainsbury's - Ring Road. Sells a range of Fairtrade products.

Cafes, Restaurants and Pubs

1.    Arts Centre – High Street. Sells Fairtrade coffee & tea.
2.    Coffee Pot – Church Street. Sells Fairtrade coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Ubuntu cola & ingredients used in cooking.
3.    Crown – High Street. Sells Fairtrade wine, coffee, tea & hot chocolate.

5.    Pipers Restaurant – High Street.  Sells Fairtrade wine, coffee and tea.
6.    Wesleys Coffee Lounge at Methodist Church – Park Hill Road. Sells a range of Fairtrade products.
7.    Th'Owd Tithe Barn - Kepple Lane. Fairtrade coffee.

Hotels and Guest Houses

1.   Crofters Hotel - A6 ring road, Cabus. Uses Fairtrade tea and coffee in the restaurant and guest rooms.
2.   Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club - Catterall. Sells Fairtrade tea & coffee.
3.   Pickerings Country House Hotel - Catterall. Serve Fairtrade tea and coffee in rooms.

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